Features & Technical Narrow Belt Cutting Machine :

Maximum Cutting Width


300 mm (Blade Length 500mm)

Minimum Cutting Width


100 mm

Minimum Cutting Length


400 mm

Maximum Cutting Length


3000mm (Can Extend at your End)

Power Required


0.5 Hp

Gear Box & Motor



Unwinding Stand Cap


Designed for 500 kg & 100 cm dia. with 2 Simple 80mm Dia. Hallow Shaft.

Cutting System


Pneumatic Cylinder. For Hold the Web/ Paper with Second Pneumatic Cylinder, Adjustable Cutting Pressure to be Applied on the Blade.

Feeding Of Roll


By Manually.

Pressure Adjustment


Cutting Blade Pressure can be Adjust by Pneumatic Pressure Switch.

Stroke Adjustment


Fix Stroke Length.

Stroke Operation


Will be Operating by Foot Switch with Adjustable Timer.

Table Length


Up to 3 mtrs. with Scale Mark in mm

Stoppage Angle


45/ 67 deg.

Safety Guard


Will be Provided at Cutting Area with Electrically Interlock Facility.

Harden Blade


Will be Supplied With One Spear Set.

Safety Interlocks


Inter Lock Switch will Provide at all Door Opening.



All Cylinders & Controls Data Make Will be Used.

Control Panel


Suitable Electrical Control Panel Will Be Provide With 32 Amps Mccb Switch For Isolating The Power, Along With Main & Control Contractors Of 220 Volts Supply Provide By Transformer Of 440/220v.Ac Supply.

Luminous Stop-Start Buttons Will Be Provided For All The Motors To Operate Independently Or Simultaneously.

Panel Will Be Provided With Extra Space For Accommodating Additional 2nos. Power & 2 Nos. Control Contactor.

Separate Terminal Block Of Suitable Will Be Provided For Control & Power Circuits. Suitable Cooling System By Providing Cooling Fans. Panel Will Be Siemens Gray Colour Powder

Narrow Belt Cutting Machine

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