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The company started in the year 1996 with the 15 years previous experience of director in Machine Design & Production. It is situated in the city of Aurangabad (Maharashtra) - India, which is one of the well developed industrial city in western India. The city is connected with Mumbai and Delhi by daily flights and trains.

The company has been in the manufacturing of machines and conversion of Coated / Non-woven Abrasive ever since. In particular it is engaged in the Design, Construction, Training and Marketing of Plant & Machinery for Coated Abrasive products with Technical know-how. Its production is able to meet any kind of request ranging from single machines such as Jumbo roll slitting machines, Multi slitting machines, Belt pasting / Splicing machines, Skiving machines, Cut to length machines, Sheet cutting machines for conversion of coated and non woven abrasive products. For manufacturing of coated abrasive, we manufacture Resin coating machines, Unwinding machines, electro static Grain Coating Machines, Hot air generating systems, Ovens, Non-IBR Boilers, Printing machines, Cloth processing machine, Glue / Resin mixing kettles etc.

We also take care of Coated Abrasive users by providing them Buffing & Polishing machines, Centerless buffing machine, Rim butt joint grinding & polishing machine, Rim polishing machine, Flat belt polishing machine, Tool post belt grinder etc.

CEO Mr. Sanjay Lalsare

   CEO Mr. Sanjay Lalsare

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