Technology For Coated Abrasives - Processsing in Brief

Raw Material

I] Cloth Products    : Drill Cloth.
II] Paper products  : 150 GSM Paper.
III] Abrasive Grain : I] Aluminium Oxide. II] Silicon Carbide.

Adhesive & Grain Coating On Cloth/Paper

This process is the heart of the abrasive products. Adhasive coating process to be done on the main coating machin, and after that the grain coating to be done by electro/gravity method on cloth/paper. This process also require mixing plant, steam boiler and phenolic/alkyd resin as adhesive.

Festoon Currying

The adhasive/grain coated cloth/paper to be curried in certain temperature & time by circulating the hot air. this process must be done in loop (Festoon) form of the cloth/paper this process require Hot air unit as well as Oven with chain conveyer system (Depends upon required capacity of production).

Mixing plant

This plant is required for cloth processing process as well as adhesive coating process. It is a mixing of fillers, adhesives, chemicals, at certain temperature & viscosity.

Hot Air Unit

This unit is required for festoon currying purpose.

Jumbo Oven

This Unit is required for Jumbo Currying purpose.

Cloth Processing

For Paper Product there are no fillers but for the cloth product fillers are filled on the back side. There are two sides of the cloth which are different form each other. One side bears a net of fine lining if seen carefully and this side is called drilled side of the cloth. Drill side is filled with fillers. The other side of the cloth is called the coating side. This process can be done in adhesive coating plant. But if the gray cloth purchases from the market, four processes we have to do that is called cloth processing. The name of the process is bleaching, scouring, sizing, dying etc. This process require mixing plant & steam boiler.

Sizing Coat

After the festoon currying for strong bonding of abrasive grain the sizing coat (Second coat) to be done on sizing coat machine/oven.


For making the coated abrasive cloth/paper in jumbo roll from this process to be done by rewinding machine.

Jumbo Currying

For Perfection of currying this process to be done in jumbo roll form of coated abrasive cloth/paper.


The coated abrasive cloth/paper to be convert in sheet, belt, disc, flap wheel, etc. Form is called conversion process.

Phenolic /Alkeyd resin plant

This plant is required for manufacturing phenolic/alkeyd resin for quality product maintaining the secrecy of the product.

Flow Process Charts.

1. Flow process chart for abrasive cloth product.
2. Flow process chart for abrasive paper product.
3. Block Diagram for mfg. of Coated Abrasive Mops.
4. Block Diagram for mfg. of Coated Abrasive Flap Wheels.

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